Privacy Policy

1. Your benefit plan is a contract between the employee, and the insurance company.

2. As a courtesy to our patients, we will be happy to assist you in the filing of your claim(s). However, we are not contracted with any benefit plan. Therefore, the patient is responsible for any balance that is not paid within 60 days by the benefit plan.

3. While we strive to provide you with the most accurate information regarding your benefits, this is only an estimate. We can only provide you with the information that is given to us by the insurance company. Providing us with a benefit book, could help us give
you more accurate information.

4. We will be happy to file a pretreatment estimate with your insurance company. The information provided by them is not a guarantee from Dr. John C. Stovall or his staff. It is an estimate between the patient and the insurance company.

5. Dr. John C. Stovall and his staff are happy to help you maximize your benefit plan. However, any dispute with payment is between the employee, the insurance company, or your employer. Dr. John C. Stovall is not obligated in any way to the insurance company.

6. While we accept most insurance plans, some plans will only pay what they believe to be reasonable and customary. The balance that is not paid by the plan is the responsibility of the patient.  Dr. John C. Stovall does not negotiate his fees, because his fees reflect the
quality of care provided.